Manchester Briefing #02 – Cities for a Resilient Recovery: International lessons on recovery from COVID-19

Featured image of the Manchester Briefing produced by the University of Manchester and Resilient Cities Network as part of the Cities for a Resilient Recovery program, International lessons on recovery from COVID-19.
Written by Resilient Cities Network
Saturday, 22 August 2020

For the 2nd edition (May 21, 2020), we focus on the interconnectedness of recovery to people, to infrastructure, and to the environment. We highlight the challenges of increasing homelessness and the role that businesses and government can play in supporting these vulnerable communities, even as businesses themselves navigate slowly re-opening cities and economies. Resuming infrastructure services requires a clear understanding of the interdependence between these different systems, including the role of natural systems, in enabling a safe and healthy urban environment now and into the future. Finally we consider the next emergency, and the possible effects on resources already strained by COVID-19, as natural hazards continue to create shocks and stresses across the globe.

Produced by The University of Manchester, UK (Professor Duncan Shaw, Dr Jennifer Bealt, Dr Joy Furnival and Professor Ruth Boaden) in partnership with the Global Resilient Cities Network

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