Speaker Series #04 – Rapid Response and Adaptation in Times of Crisis

Aug 2020

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Cities on the Frontline #04 – April 2, 2020

Rapid Response in Buenos Aires

Fernando Straface, Secretary-General and Secretary for Foreign Relations, Government of the City of Buenos Aires

Fernando shared 4 steps of rapid response in Buenos Aires and highlighted the city’s adaptive and agile reogranization to be able to respond to the crisis. For example, even before the first case, the city has conducted the first press briefing about Covid-19, raising the awareness of Covid-19. Buenos Aires also planned ahead with its “Switch On” program, which is the city’s Reversal Plan of adopted measures in unlocking the city and its economy.

Rapid Response in New York

Michael Berkowitz, Founding Principal of Resilient Cities Catalyst

Michael shared 4 lessons from New York’s emergency food response which are to lean on existing processes, to expand and rupurpose for high capacity staff, to have a plan to surge and to have community ready for post event. His recommendations include that cities work with non-profit and community organizations help and assist the vulnerable populations with medicine or food provision.

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