Manchester Briefing #12 – Cities for a Resilient Recovery: International lessons on recovery from COVID-19

Featured image of the Manchester Briefing produced by the University of Manchester and Resilient Cities Network as part of the Cities for a Resilient Recovery program, International lessons on recovery from COVID-19.
Written by Resilient Cities Network
Saturday, 22 August 2020


For the 12th edition (July 30, 2020) we highlight the role communities are playing in communicating urgent public health messages to vulnerable people within their own networks; how wastewater surveillance is being used to identify new outbreaks of COVID19; and the value of spare capacity (redundancy) across organisations and systems as businesses and government seek to maintain operations through current and future waves of the pandemic and into recovery.

Produced by The University of Manchester, UK (Professor Duncan Shaw, Dr Jennifer Bealt, and David Powell) in partnership with the Global Resilient Cities Network (Sam Kernaghan)

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