Broward County joins Resilient Cities Network as 101st member

Written by Resilient Cities Network
Wednesday, 06 December 2023

R-Cities extends invitation in recognition of the county’s significant contributions in the field of resilience and potential to enhance the capacities of other member cities regionally and globally. Pictured above, R-Cities members – including representatives from Accra, Cape Town, Calgary, Glasgow, Houston, Broward County, Lagos, Rio de Janeiro and The Hague – S&P Global Foundation, Arup, University of Miami and R-Cities staff at COP28 in Dubai.

6 December 2023 (Dubai, United Arab Emirates) Broward County Florida, USA, has joined the Resilient Cities Network, a city-led urban resilience network made up of over 100 cities globally. The announcement was made at COP28 in Dubai today, as world leaders gather to negotiate plans to accelerate the global clean energy transition and finalize the “loss and damage” funds agreed at COP27 in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt.

“We are delighted to welcome Broward County to the Resilient Cities Network as leaders in climate and community resilience,” said Lauren Sorkin, Executive Director of the Resilient Cities Network. “At a time where cities globally are bearing the brunt of the effects of climate change and serving as frontline responders to its cascading impacts, it is vital that the network of cities build on each other’s experience to accelerate progress on resilience building for our communities. With two of Florida’s most populous counties, Miami Dade and Broward, in the network, we’re also committed to deepening the learning opportunities regionally.” 

The County, with a population of nearly two million and thirty-one municipalities, is at the forefront of resilience through internal coordination and county-wide collaboration, with the knowledge and expertise of Chief Resilience Officer, Dr. Jennifer Jurado, who assumed this role in 2015.  The County later elevated the profile of its resilience efforts with the establishment of the Resilient Environment Department in 2020, where Jurado serves as Deputy Director. Broward County embarked on its ambitious plans for proactive climate resilience work more than a decade ago, with the first edition of the Broward County Climate Action Plan in 2010.  Subsequent efforts included a Renewable Energy Strategy, resilience standards for infrastructure and land use planning, and a Net Zero plan that is under development.  

The County will bring to the network extensive experience planning for climate-related shocks and stresses, as well as strong focus on equitable community engagement that it is currently leveraging to complete a county-wide resilience plan focused flood and heat risk and the intersection with vulnerable communities.

“The Broward County Commission has demonstrated a powerful commitment to strong climate action and building community resilience in a matter that supports equitable outcomes. From housing to transportation, infrastructure improvements to energy strategies to workforce development, we understand the importance of bold planning, strong engagement, environmental incentives, and dedicated partners needed to provide a resilient future,” said Vice Mayor Beam Furr. “We are inspired by the impactful work and capacity of the Resilient Cities Network and look forward to working as full partners to further resilience efforts across our communities and globe.”  

Broward County is no stranger to planning for and responding to climate change events, with extreme heat and sea-level rise top of mind for the South Florida county. Last April, Broward County was hit with record-breaking extreme rains. Over the course of 12 hours, coastal areas of the county experienced over 20 inches of rain, leaving residents stranded, cars and homes flooded, shutting down the local airport for 40 hours, and flooding the downtown area of Fort Lauderdale, which is Broward’s county seat and its most populous city. 

“It is a tremendous honor to join the Resilient Cities Network and the coalition of CRO’s working as peers to deliver resilient futures for our communities. Each of our communities is experiencing the mounting pressure of climate change and its impacts,” shared Dr. Jurado.  “As a region, we have learned the value of sharing experience and best practices to improve and accelerate efforts. We look forward to furthering our own capacity through additional project exposure, skill building, and information sharing while hopefully aiding the network by sharing lessons and our own work here in Broward County.”

About Broward County Resilient Environment Department

Broward County’s Resilient Environment Department is responsible for advancing the resilience of our community through diverse environmental, planning, housing, regulatory and community-oriented programs. The Department leads climate mitigation and adaptation planning efforts both internally and county-wide, with a strong focus on the use of climate science to support policy recommendations, resilience standards, and planning. Emphasis is placed on measures to advance clean energy solutions, address the local impacts of sea level rise, reduce emissions, and protect against economic inequities. For more information visit

About Resilient Cities Network

Resilient Cities Network (R-Cities) is the world’s leading urban resilience network. It brings together global knowledge, practice, partnerships, and funding to empower its members to build safe and equitable cities for all. Its unique city-led approach ensures cities drive the agenda to benefit the communities they serve. At work in 100 cities worldwide, the Resilient Cities Network supports on-the-ground projects and solutions to build climate resilient, circular and equitable cities while also facilitating connections and information-sharing between communities and local leaders. For more information, please visit

From left to right: Daniel Stander (Deputy Board Chair, R-Cities), Jennifer Jurado (Chief Resilience Officer, Broward County), Lauren Sorkin (Executive Director, R-Cities) and Vice Mayor Beam Furr (Broward County).

From left to right: Daniel Stander (Deputy Board Chair, R-Cities), Jennifer Jurado (Chief Resilience Officer, Broward County), Lauren Sorkin (Executive Director, R-Cities) and Vice Mayor Beam Furr (Broward County).

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