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Globally, cities are home to one in two people. By 2050, 2.5 billion more urban dwellers will call a city their home, but our cities’ urban infrastructure is not keeping pace with the surge in inhabitants.

While cities are growing and producing over 80% of GDP, the number of people living in urban poverty is increasing and inequality is widening.

At the same time, the environmental footprint of cities is rising. Cities are responsible for 70% of the world’s GHG emissions.

Faced with rapid growth and intensifying climate threats, building a more resilient and sustainable future depends on whether cities can transform.

We are calling on cities and stakeholders to join in advancing urban transformation around the world. Let’s ensure that cities remain safe, equitable, and liveable for all as cities continue to grow and the threats of the changing climate intensify.

Cities Solve, Cities Deliver is a campaign launched by the Resilient Cities Network, to showcase game-changing resilience initiatives from cities around the world. The campaign calls on cities to inspire one another with their resilience initiatives and stakeholders to accelerate funds and action to adapt and scale these solutions.

The campaign started by featuring urban water resilience initiatives in the lead up to the UN 2023 Water Conference in New York. As the campaign advanced, one thing was clear: cities are actively working to protect communities from the multiple, complex, and intensifying shocks and stresses they are facing.  

Cities Solve, Cities Deliver will continue featuring cities and Chief Resilience Officers advancing urban resilience every day, building climate-prepared, safe and equitable communities worldwide.

Urban Resilience Transformation in North America

Between April and May 2023, we’re diving into the impact stories of cities in North America. In this new journey, Chief Resilience Officers will tell us how their cities protect their communities and address their most pressing shocks and stresses in the lead-up to next month’s R-Cities Regional Convening in North America.

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Water Resilience

Cities Solve, Cities Deliver, is a campaign launched by the Resilient Cities Network in the run-up to the UN 2023 Water Conference.

 By looking at water as an opportunity instead of a threat, cities around the world improve water security, while transforming their urban landscapes, making cities more liveable.

The campaign received 33 initiatives from 27 cities around the world. Explore by region and dive into water resilience action:


Take the lead and inspire more cities to harvest their transformative power. Contact us to learn how your city can join the campaign.

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