Our programs

Our programs

Core to our mission at the Resilient Cities Network is our belief that for cities to become resilient, they must channel investments to solutions that maximize impact for every dollar spent.

High-impact solutions yield multiple benefits such as more equitable access to basic services, better employment, and climate-resilient infrastructure.

R-Cities works arm-in-arm with cities to scale resilience and investments in vulnerable communities and the critical systems that serve them through multi-city thematic programs.

Our programs are action-oriented initiatives co-designed in collaboration with our cities and partners, and building on cities’ resilience strategies. Programs are delivered through blended teams of resilience practitioners, including CROs, their teams, R-Cities staff, participating cities, and other partner organizations.

A core feature of our programs is our strong emphasis on peer-to-peer learning, which we foster through our network activities, city engagement, and Communities of Practice. These communities leverage the knowledge of member cities and partners, and use a wide range of specialised resilience tools to accelerate our global resilience practice in our city network and beyond it.

R-Cities’s programs focus on three priority areas: COVID-19 Resilient Recovery, Climate Resilience, and Circular Economy. In each of these priority areas, we ensure that programs are designed and executed with holistic urban resilience thinking at their core. Both the focus on holistic resilience and the three programmatic priorities reflect the needs and demands of our member cities.

Programs are designed to support cities in assessing their risks and vulnerabilities, identifying actions, designing and developing projects and solutions, and facilitating funding and leveraging partnerships.

Programs are implemented in multiple cities at the same time, and adapted to the scale of the cities and projects in question.