Nourishing the world’s leading urban resilience practitioner network, our Community of Practice approach is one way to accelerate the breadth and depth of practice on urban resilience, within and beyond our member cities.

Community of Practice

A Community of Practice (COP) is simply a group of people who regularly interact on a shared topic to learn from one another. Our communities of practice are designed for real-time knowledge exchange between urban practitioners who have common challenges building resilience of critical systems or within vulnerable communities. Joining our communities will give practitioners access to:

Knowledge – Each Community of Practice will curate data driven and systems thinking approaches to support cities in understanding their current situation and prioritizing the necessary policies and actions to build their future.

Tools – Participants and expert partners will provide tools that enable cities to do ‘more with less’ designing post-crisis investments that deliver multiple benefits.

Resources: The Resilient Cities Network and our partners will link cities with relevant expertise and technical assistance from international, private, and non-profit organizations on specific priority themes.

How they work

Enhancing practice exchange between cities, our Community of Practice approach is expanding how urban practitioners access experience, expertise, solutions, and lessons learned across a growing number of thematic areas.

Each Community of Practice enables the mobilization of new ideas through relationship building (trust), continuous learning, and increasing the visibility of issues of common concern. Led by CROs and other urban practitioners across our network, participant-driven knowledge exchange enables mutual learning and enhances the benefits participants derive from participation.

How they are created

Each Community of Practice is inspired by an area of interest shared by three or more member cities. CROs build on shared experience, understanding, and trust to move beyond bilateral communication and toward establishing a broader and more inclusive community of exchange.

While some Communities of Practice may want an online presence (Resilient Recovery and Waste Management in Crisis), many more will grow organically and remain informal, with learning being shared through the Resilient Cities Network newsletter, webinars, blog articles, and other public knowledge sharing events.

How to be involved

If you are interested in joining a Community of Practice, connect with us using the “Join Now” link below. We also welcome cities and partners to create new Communities of Practice as part of R-Cities’s extended Community of Practice ecosystem. If you are interested in setting up a new Community of Practice, please email


Strengthening Urban Resilience Through Play

Building the city of the future requires first and foremost that children of today are empowered and prepared, not only to survive, but to thrive in the face of adversity.

Covid-19 Resilient Recovery

Cities have long grappled with waste management systems, with COVID-19 further exposing vulnerabilities and increasing the risk of system failure. The Community of Practice on Resilient Waste Management is a space to exchange, share, and develop information on how cities can use a resilience lens to develop more sustainable waste management systems and solutions, advancing the circular economy while generating positive socio-economic outcomes.

Iniciativa de Ciudades Resilientes

“Desafíos de Impacto” es una iniciativa de Resilient Cities Network, Fundación Avina y BID-Lab que impulsa nuevos modelos de negocio que contribuyan a superar desafíos sociales, ambientales y económicos a través de la innovación tecnológica y social para fortalecer la resiliencia urbana en América Latina. (Conoce más)

Racial Equity Community of Practice

The Racial Equity Community of Practice (CoP) is based on a simple premise: without equity there can be no resilience. A coalition of urban resilience practitioners with community, corporate, philanthropic and academic leaders, this CoP seeks to achieve effective racial equity by enhancing urban resilience

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