In our work as the world’s leading urban resilience practitioner network, we use a Communities of Practice approach to accelerate the breadth and depth of urban resilience practice in and beyond our member cities.

A Community of Practice is simply a group of people who regularly engage around a shared topic to learn from one another. Our Communities of Practice are designed for real-time knowledge exchange between urban practitioners who face common challenges in building resilience in vulnerable communities and critical systems. Joining our communities gives practitioners access to:

Knowledge: Communities of Practice curate data-driven and systems thinking approaches to support cities in understanding their current situations and prioritizing the necessary policies and actions to build their futures.

Tools: Participants and expert partners provide tools that enable cities to “do more with less,” designing post-crisis investments that deliver multiple benefits.

Resources: The Resilient Cities Network and our partners link cities with relevant expertise and technical assistance from international, private, and non-profit organizations on specific priority themes.