Racial Equity Community

Racial Equity Community


“Cities who are not equitable will always be in recovery mode.”

2020 has offered boundless evidence that when crises hit, the people who suffer the most are black and brown. Our communities of color are disproportionately harmed by emergencies – from pandemics to natural disasters to attacks – and, all too often, by the daily operations (systems) that make our cities work. Two epidemics – COVID-19 and systemic racism – horrifically punctuated by millions of untimely deaths around the world and the unjust murders of black residents at the hands of local police or vigilantes in the United States – have proven that if one community is at risk, the entire city is at risk.

As COVID-19 response and relief efforts bring together diverse actors in new ways, we must act together with real humility and inclusiveness to seed innovation and help adapt systems to achieve racially equitable outcomes. This Community of Practice (CoP) has been created to do exactly that.

We are city leaders and staff who believe that this unique moment in time must not be wasted.

We are advocates and thought leaders who believe that the resilience framework offers a powerful tool to achieve sustainable progress in our cities.

We are practitioners who work daily to transform our city systems for greater resilience through racial equity – and greater racial equity through resilience.

Our first full meeting as a Community of Practice will take place during early 2021. And we hope you will join us!

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Call to Action!

Achieving racial equity in cities will require every one of us to take action. Please take a moment to reflect on what you can do to advance racial equity – read a book on anti-racism? write an article? create a task force in your city?

What action will you take over the next month related to resilience and racial equity?

Interested in Joining Us?

Please complete the brief form below to indicate your interest in joining the Racial Equity Community of Practice. Membership is open to government leaders and staff, resilience practitioners and our corporate, nonprofit, philanthropic, civic, community, and academic partners. We will ask members to participate in periodic CoP meetings as well as ad hoc initiatives and meetings as befits your skills and interests.

Community Resources

No Equity, No Resilience: Minneapolis is All of Us

No Equity, No Resilience: Minneapolis is All of Us

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There is no resilient recovery without equity

There is no resilient recovery without equity

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Racial Equity: Resilient Cities at the Forefront

Racial Equity: Resilient Cities at the Forefront

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Racial Equity Community