Systems-enabled recovery

How cities in recovery are meeting the needs of businesses and communities

The healthcare, economic, and social crises created by Covid-19 have exposed frailties in the capacity of cities – their governments, businesses, and communities – to survive and thrive. As cities enter a recovery phase, we look at how they are:

Enhancing infrastructure to meet the needs of businesses and communities

How are they rethinking infrastructure and service design based on their experience of enabling access to basic needs and services during times of crisis?

Funding and financing urban recovery

Falling revenue has put municipalities under significant financial strain. Municipalities are struggling to meet the basic needs of their communities and businesses. How are cities funding and financing recovery?

Leveraging data and technology to enable an inclusive recovery

Progressive use of digital data has been crucial to effective Covid-19 responses at the household, business, and city levels. How are cities enhancing their capacity to improve data-enabled tools and strategies, and reflect on what has worked?