Episode 16: Live from Smart City Expo World Congress featuring Dallas

Dec 2023

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About This Episode

Speaking live from the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, Mike Lake, President and CEO of Leading Cities hosts Genesis Gavino, Chief of Staff and Resilience Officer for the City Manager’s Office in Dallas in this episode of the Urban Exchange Podcast. Mike and Genesis reflect on the significance of the yearly congress which focuses on digital innovation and the integration of smart systems in the way cities work on a day to day basis. Genesis shares insights from the exciting work that Dallas is implementing on digital literacy and increasing the internet uptake capacity of its residents. The internet is becoming an essential service however it comes with the challenge of getting everyone on board while simultaneously ensuring online safety and access to credible information. Genesis sheds light on equity within the digitalization sector and shares lessons learned from her own experience. Don’t miss it!

The Speakers

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Mike Lake

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Genesis Gavino

About Genesis Gavino

Genesis currently serves as the Deputy Resilience Officer where she works closely with the executive team across the organisation to implement the Resilient Dallas Strategy. She is also the Chief of Staff to the City Manager where she manages the Council Agenda Office, Local Government Management Fellows Program, departmental budgets and works with the executive team to advance the City’s strategic priorities. Genesis has served as lead in the organisation’s interdepartmental and collaborative projects, most recently the implementation of the Council Agenda Preparation System through Granicus – Legistar, and the development and implementation of a pilot program to activate City Hall Plaza.

About Mike Lake

As President and CEO, Michael develops and establishes relationships with municipal governments, businesses and universities internationally, creating a global network of partner cities dedicated to implementing Smart City solutions that improve the quality of life in cities. Leading Cities builds bridges between academia and action, between business and government, and between urban problems and solutions. Among its signature programs are AcceliCITY- among the largest, most prestigious smart and resilient city solutions focused competitions- and AcceliGOV—a competition of cities vying for globally sourced, expert-vetted, pre-paid pilot projects.

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