Metropolitan Resilience International Congress

November 22-24, 2023

Metropolitan Resilience International Congress & Expo.


November 22 – 24, 2023

The Metropolitan Resilience International Congress will take place in the Metropolitan Area of Guadalajara from the 22-24 of November, 2023.

We’re bringing together more than 200 attendees from different cities around the world to share experiences, connect, and collaborate to build a more resilient urban future.

This Congress is part of the Metro Resilience Guadalajara project (Metrópoli Resiliente in Spanish), funded by the European Union’s “Partnership for Sustainable Cities” program, led by the Institute of Planning and Development Management of the Metropolitan Area of Guadalajara (Imeplan) in collaboration with the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB) and the technical support of the Resilient Cities Network.


Rio de Janeiro
Porto Alegre
Mexico City
Ciudad Juárez

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