UP2030 Cities Knowledge Exchange &
Urban Future

June 3-7, 2024
Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Bringing UP2030 and Europe’s most inspiring sustainable cities event together

From 3-4 June, the UP2030 Knowledge Exchange will bring together partners from 7 pilot cities to collaborate, learn and strategize on how their cities will meet their climate neutrality targets by leveraging inclusive participation, making citizens agents of change.

Then, thousands of participants from all over the world will gather in Rotterdam for Urban Future, an inspiring, bottom-up event promoting sustainable cities, 5-7 June.

The Resilient Cities Network is convening the UP2030 Knowledge Exchange and participating in Urban Future, putting city leaders, urban practitioners and activists under one roof to share strategies for more inclusive, resilient and sustainable cities.

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Our Speakers

Jens Ejner Christensen
Jens Ejner Christensen

Mayor, City of Vejle

Lina Liakou
Lina Liakou

Global Director of Engagement, Regional Director of Europe, The Middle East and Africa, Resilient Cities Network

Arnoud Moleenar
Arnoud Moleenar

Chief Resilience Officer, City of Rotterdam

Roos Meilink
Roos Meilink

Chief Resilience Officer, City of The Hague

Dimitra Zouni
Dimitra Zouni

Spatial & Urban Planner, City of Thessaloniki

Our Events

All times are in Central European Summer Time (CEST).

Date & Time Event  Details Location
3 June – 4 June
Urban Planning and Design Ready for 2030 (UP2030) Knowledge Exchange
The UP2030 Knowledge Exchange is a gathering for project partners and city stakeholders within the UP2030 initiative. This exchange is designed to address the critical challenges and opportunities inherent in driving socio-technical transitions through urban planning and design. By invitation only
5 June, 11:00am-12:30pm

Critical: Preparing your city for an uncertain future

How leading cities prepare for the future with ‘urban resilience

Partipating cities and organizations:

  • Resilient Cities Network
  • The Hague | The Netherlands
  • Vejle | Denmark
  • Rotterdam | The Netherlands
Rotterdam Ahoy, Dock 14
5 June, 2:00pm-3:30pm

Happy neighbourhoods, happy cities

How to build urban resilience with community power

Partipating cities and organizations:

  • Resilient Cities Network
  • Duisburg | Germany
  • Thessaloniki | Greece
  • Rotterdam | The Netherlands
  • European Hub at UCCRN | Italy
Rotterdam Ahoy, Dock 13


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