Future Ready Cities

Our multi-city program that supports cities with their building urban resilience plans.

The Challenge

Inclusive and innovative digitalization is a pathway to a resilient, sustainable and equitable future. How can we co-create and implement digital solutions to advance urban resilience worldwide?

Program Objective

Capitalizing on the regionally focused Latin America & the Caribbean first edition and throughout a three-year global edition, the objective of the Future Ready Cities program is to co-create digital solutions with cities, partners and key stakeholders to improve urban resilience worldwide. This is to be achieved by solving key challenges, identifying opportunities and boosting the implementation of innovative solutions for cities to become more resilient.

Program Approach

Component 1 – City-Deep Dives: Through this component, the program supports cities in understanding problems, framing challenges, designing solutions and boosting implementation.

Component 2 – Activation: Scaling state-of-the-art knowledge to provide cities worldwide with action- and impact-oriented practices, methodologies, tools and cases contributing to urban resilience at a global scale.

Participating Cities

The first edition of the program was focused on taking a deep dive into the challenges facing Latin American cities. The program co-created and powered the implementation of digital solutions in Metropolitan Guadalajara, Quito and Salvador. Also, through knowledge products, events and case studies the program engaged with cities in the Latin American & the Caribbean region and its learnings were made available to R-Cities full membership.

The three-year global edition of the program will engage in city-deep dives with 11 cities from different geographies and will disseminate and scale knowledge worldwide.





News and Resources

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