Global Steering Committee

Global Steering Committee


The Global Steering Committee (GSC) represents member cities at the regional and global levels, and provides the platform for our city-led network. The GSC has a clear mandate to set principles and policy that are directly driven by and responsive to the needs of the network’s member cities.

The GSC comprises ten Chief Resilience Officers representing their ten cities from across the five regions of the network:

  • Africa (AFR)
  • Asia-Pacific (APAC)
  • Europe and the Middle East (EME)
  • Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC)
  • North America (NAM)

Each region holds two seats in the GSC.

The GSC is co-chaired by two CROs representing different regions.

Current GSC representatives

Marissa Aho

Chief Resilience Officer
Houston (NAM)

Marissa Aho, AICP, has served as Houston’s CRO since February 2019. In this role she leads the city’s resilience-building efforts, including the development and implementation of Living with Water Houston (January 2020) and the Resilient Houston Strategy (February 2020).

Adriana Campelo

Chief Resilience Officer
Salvador (LAC)

Adriana is CRO for the City of Salvador, and Director of Resilience at the Municipal Secretariat for Sustainability, Innovation, and Resilience. She led the Salvador Resilience Strategy and is currently coordinating the Climate Action Adaptation and Mitigation Plan.

Mike Gillooly


Mike Gillooly was appointed the first CRO for Christchurch in 2014. Prior to becoming CRO, Mike was the Land Drainage Operations Manager at Christchurch City Council.

David Groisman


David Groisman has been Director of Resilience and General Director of Strategic Management at the Government of Buenos Aires since 2015. In these roles he leads the development, promotion, and coordination of transversal cross-sector initiatives, ensuring the effective completion of government administration’s strategic priorities.

Japheth Habinshuti N.

Chief Resilience Officer
Kigali (AFR)

Japheth Habinshuti N. is CRO for the City of Kigali. As CRO he is responsible for driving the development and implementation of the Kigali Resilience Roadmap. Before joining the City of Kigali, Japheth spent two years working as an independent development consultant in Rwanda.

Mahesh Harhare

Chief Resilience Officer
Pune (APAC)

Mahesh Harhare has over 15 years’ experience working in Indian cities in the fields of urban management and urban governance, including policy and strategy, city infrastructure and investment assessment, institutional assessment, project feasibility and development, and transaction advisory services.

Grainia Long


Grainia Long is Belfast’s first Commissioner for Resilience, appointed in June 2018. She is also Senior Independent Director of Metropolitan Thames Valley, a housing association with 58,000 homes across London and elsewhere in England.

Arnoud Molenaar


Arnoud Molenaar is the CRO for Rotterdam and developed the city’s first Resilience Strategy in 2016. In 2019, he co-hosted the Global Urban Resilience Summit. Since 2020 Arnoud has been an affiliate Cities Expert and the Cities Lead at the Global Center on Adaptation.

Gareth Morgan

Director of Resilience
Cape Town (AFR)

Gareth Morgan has been Director of Resilience at Cape Town since mid-2017, and led the development of the city’s Resilience Strategy. Following the recent severe drought in Cape Town, Gareth led the first in-city deployment globally of the City Water Resilience Framework and Approach.

Brian Strong

Chief Resilience Officer
San Francisco (NAM)

Brian Strong is San Francisco’s CRO and Director of the Office of Resilience and Capital Planning, responsible for the city’s ten-year Capital Plan, its Capital Budget, and the implementation of the Resilient SF strategic vision. Brian created San Francisco’s first multi-year Capital Plan in 2006, and has been instrumental in the development and passage of $3.5 billion in GO bonds to improve the city’s infrastructure.