Government Disbursements and Urban Resilience: A Practitioner’s Point of View

Digital technologies hold immense potential to enhance a city's resilience by enabling efficient responses to various challenges.
Jan 2024

Digitalization of government disbursements is an important lever that local governments can use to increase the resilience of cities, businesses, and their inhabitants.

By leveraging digital disbursement mechanisms, local governments can more effectively distribute financial assistance to their communities, promote financial inclusion, and improve their overall economic resilience. Likewise, digital disbursement has proven crucial in different types of shock scenarios, providing city administrations with flexibility, speed and efficiency.

This document presents a practice-oriented approach to the topic of digitalization of government disbursements, aiming to provide insights and learnings to practitioners and local authorities to help facilitate their development of innovative solutions that address urban challenges with benefits to the systemic resilience of a city.

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