The gender gap in the use of information technologies is a worldwide problem that intensifies the inequalities the inequalities that affect women. Latin America has gradually made progress in bridging these gaps. According to a study of the Inter-American Development Bank, in Argentina, for example, 74% of women have Internet access compared to 70% of men and 86% of women have access to a telephone mobile compared to 80% of men.

Although conditions seem to be improving, the emerging speed of digital technologies to the different social and economic dynamics makes it necessary to acquire the necessary skills for their use. For example, according to the same study, 24% of women identify not knowing how to properly use the Internet as a barrier for its us and 29% do not know how to use the mobile phone.

The Resilient Buenos Aires Challenge choose MindHub as one of the winner initiatives for its contribution to bridging the digital gender gap in the city and thereby help women access to better employability conditions.

The pilot that was part of the Challenge proposed training for 20 women and at the end of the first year, there would be 100 women trained in the use of digital tools.

MindHub is an initiative led by 3 women experts in technology that aims to improve women’s opportunities to access the labor market through technical training, support for the development of soft skills and accompaniment to obtain employment. MindHub has established strategic alliances with private sector companies to open work vacancies for women participating in the program and in this way, it guarantees that their participation in the program results into better opportunities. The pilot that was part of the challenge proposed training to 20 women and at the end of the first year, there would be 100 trained women.

The initiative is a contribution to the resilience of the city by preventing the chronic social tensions with a greater and better participation of women in the labor market and the reducing the gender pay gap.

What I liked the most of MindHub was the experience of simulate a work ambience. It offers you knowledge and prepares for work. It was a nice experience that teaches teamwork.

Gabriela Andrade, works in