Boulder’s resilience journey

Boulder has a long history of innovation in sustainability and climate change. It was the first community to tax itself for the preservation of open space, the first to implement Mandatory Green Building Requirements, and the first to establish a carbon tax.

But resilience and adaptation remain real challenges for Boulder to wrestle with as the Colorado community recovers from historic flooding, only three years after experiencing the state’s most financially destructive wildfire in history. These experiences have taught Boulder that “bouncing back” is not enough – it needs a plan to “bounce forward.”

Meet the Chief Resilience Officer

Jonathan Koehn

Chief Sustainability & Resilience Officer

Jonathan Koehn serves as the Chief Sustainability & Resilience officer for the City of Boulder. Jonathan oversees the integration of the city’s climate, environmental, and resilience efforts into Boulder’s overall sustainability framework. He works to support the community’s efforts to make Boulder an increasingly sustainable and resilient city, by fostering partnerships and finding creative ways to solve problems.

Jonathan’s multifaceted career includes substantial experience in the non-profit sector and in municipal government. He began his tenure in Boulder as Environmental Manager for the city in 2006, and has continued to work domestically and internationally with federal, state, regional, and local governments and their constituencies, to develop strategic and tactical solutions to energy and climate challenges. Jonathan holds positions on multiple advisory boards and commissions, including the National Association of Clean Air Agencies (NACAA) and Colorado Communities for Climate Action (CC4CA). He holds degrees in Environmental Science, Biology, and Marine Sciences.

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