Bristol’s resilience journey

Bristol is the UK’s fastest growing city. To support this growth, the city is investing more than $2.7 billion in new and renewed infrastructure, particularly in transportation, energy, housing, and business. The city has plans to create resilient systems – more decentralized, less prone to cascade failure – and will future-proof investment decisions.

Bristol is already the most energy- and waste-efficient of the UK’s major cities, and it plans to meet future needs by managing resources even more efficiently. The city aims to empower individuals and communities to help themselves, support capacity-building and local decision-making, and protect local amenities. Much of Bristol’s building stock is old, but the city is working to enable owners to future-proof these buildings, which will support and protect human life and enable commerce.

The city is using a systems-led approach to build in capacity, flexibility, safe failure, and constant learning. Bristol aims to be future-proofed by 2020.

Meet the Chief Resilience Officer

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