Byblos’s resilience journey

Renowned for being the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world, Byblos has withstood various environmental and security shocks over the last 8,000 years. Yet the city remains a role model of coexistence, with people of different religions living together peacefully.

Much of Byblos struggles with floods, storms, and rapid urbanization, and protecting the city’s world heritage sites from these threats is a challenge. Moving forward, Byblos is looking to leverage its rich culture, engaged leadership, and strong social cohesion to fortify its resilience to shocks and stresses.

Meet the Chief Resilience Officer

Dr. Tania Kallab

Chief Resilience Officer

Dr. Tania Kallab is an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Lebanese American University (LAU) who holds two Master’s degrees in Economics and in Business Research from the Ecole Superieure des Sciences Economiques et Commerciales (ESSEC) and from Universite Cergypontoise, France, as well as a PhD in Business Administration/Economics from ESSEC. She has 8+ years experience in teaching and research in both academic and non-academic institutions. Tania is a frequent speaker at local and international conferences as well as council meetings.

Aside from her academic experience, she has been engaged in several consultancy projects including for the Ministry of Economy and the Chamber of Trade as part of the economics experts team, where she contributed to the development of a policy plan to boost Lebanese exports. She is also a regular mentor and trainer with LEDA/MERCY CORPS where she provides individuals from marginal communities with trainings and mentorship programs on how to pursue their career path.

Tania played a key role in the development of Byblos’ first-ever Resilience Strategy, a comprehensive and inclusive socio-economic plan for the City. After its release, she remained involved on a voluntarily basis, as the lead Economic Development consultant for the Municipality of Byblos.

She also worked on two consultancy projects with the Talentlab where she prepared educative interviews and delivered a panel on the role of micro tourism and cultural heritage in boosting the Lebanese economy under crisis and what policies can be implemented to support small businesses.

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