Cali’s resilience journey

Cali has one of the fastest-growing economies in Colombia, and a growing population to match, due in part to thousands forcibly displaced by armed conflict. Many of these new residents are concentrating in high-risk, informal settlements, with limited access to health and other basic public services. These settlements often face increased exposure to flooding due to the vulnerability of the Cauca River dike.

To protect and integrate new residents, Cali has relocated thousands of households. The national government has provided funding to improve the waterway containment infrastructure. The city is also working on methods to increase equitable access to affordable housing, as part of an effort to address crime, violence, and inequality.

Meet the Chief Resilience Officer

Maria Virginia Jaramillo

Territorial Sub-Secretariat Under Secretary for Inclusion, Opportunities, and Resilience

Maria Virginia is the Resilience Coordinator in the Territorial Sub-Secretariat under Secretary for Inclusion, Opportunities, and Resilience at the Mayor’s Office of Santiago de Cali, Valle del Cauca Colombia. She has a bachelor’s degree in Law, postgraduate degree in Industrial Property, Copyright and New Technologies, a master’s degree in Corporate Law, and further studies in Public and Private International Law and Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture. Maria Virginia has worked as General Counsel/Chief Legal Officer for an international organization, in the chemical manufacturing and technology and software industries, as well as an independent legal advisor and solicitor. 

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