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Da Nang’s resilience journey

Da Nang has experienced a period of growth and positive socioeconomic change that has made it the biggest city in central Vietnam. This growth and prosperity have been supported by an expanding tourist industry, as the city attracts over three million visitors per year. Da Nang also leads in the Vietnam Provincial Competitiveness Index rankings and the Governance and Public Administration Performance Index, and continues to be a top-performing province in the Information and Communication Technology Index.

As a coastal city, however, Da Nang is vulnerable to severe effects of natural disasters such as typhoons and floods. As a global city, Da Nang is learning to manage the effects of globalization and urbanization.

While Da Nang continues to grow and develop, it needs to consider the challenges and changes the future will bring, and think accordingly about urban planning, infrastructure development and management, water resource management, employment, and public health.

Through its partnership with 100RC, Da Nang prepared its first Resilience Strategy. In Da Nang’s vision for “a peaceful, dynamic, prepared, and connected city in the changing world,” it identifies four goals to address its resilience challenges:

  1. A Peaceful City: A city that removes fear and anxiety from places where residents live, work, and play.
  2. A Dynamic City: A city with dynamic economy in partnership with people and businesses to meet needs in a changing world.
  3. A Prepared City: A city with infrastructure systems that can recover, and be well-prepared for challenges in the development process.
  4. A Connected City: A city where knowledge is driven by meaningful information sharing.

Meet the Chief Resilience Officer

Mr. Dinh Quang Cuong

Deputy Director of Da Nang Department of Natural Resources and Environment, Director of Da Nang Climate Change Coordination Office, and Da Nang Chief Resilience Officer

Since 2002, Cuong Dinh Quang has worked for the People’s Committee Office of Da Nang City, where he currently serves as Head of General Division, and is also Director of Da Nang Climate Change Coordination Office, as well as Da Nang’s Chief Resilience Officer (CRO.
Cuong as the Director of the Da Nang Climate Change Coordination Office, is responsible for the development and implementation of Da Nang’s Action Plan for Response to Climate Change and Sea Level Rise. He also plays an important role in coordinating all of the stakeholders and organizations working in the city on climate change adaptation and mitigation projects.

Cuong’s undergraduate education was in International Relations and Foreign Trade Economics. Following graduation, he went on to receive his MBA at the University of Da Nang, and Doctoral Degree at Griffith University in Queensland, Australia where he studied the environmental aspects of sustainable development in Central Vietnam.

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