Dallas’s resilience journey

Dallas is the vibrant, urban center of the North Central Texas region. The city grew with the oil and cotton industries to become a major economic center with advanced banking, telecommunications, technology, and research industries. Dallas’s success is built on bold leadership and innovative ideas.

Nonetheless, Dallas faces many challenges, including severe weather events, disease outbreaks, and economic disparity. These shocks and stresses have tested the Dallas’s mettle, reinforcing the city’s sense of the need to ensure that regional systems such as economic development, public health, and transportation are cross-cutting and working collaboratively to create a more resilient Dallas.

Meet the Resilience Officer

Genesis Gavino

Interim Deputy Resilience Officer

Genesis currently serves as the Resilience Officer for the City of Dallas, where she works closely with the executive team to implement the Resilient Dallas Strategy and establish a compelling resilience vision for the city.

Genesis holds a BA in Business Administration with a focus on Management and Operations from Washington State University, a master’s degree in Public Administration, and a Certificate in Non-profit Management from the University of Washington.

Impact stories

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