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El Paso’s resilience journey

El Paso is home to a richly diverse, bilingual, and bicultural population. Its harsh desert environment means grappling with high population density in a fragile ecology, climate extremes and variability, and reliance on limited transportation and grid connections.

The collaborative agreements between El Paso and neighboring Cuidad Juárez, Mexico, exemplify international cooperation. Together, the cities are addressing immigration, and working to increase the resilience of their shared and limited water supply.

Meet the Chief Resilience Officer

Nicole Ferrini

Director of Community and Human Development, and Chief Resilience Officer

Nicole Ferrini is Chief Resilience Officer and Director of Community and Human Development for the City of El Paso.

Nicole holds degrees in both interior design and architecture from Texas Tech University. From that basis in the world of design, Nicole launched her career in building better, stronger, more prosperous communities. In 2007, she founded Uncommon LLC as a mechanism to affect positive change within the built environment. The Uncommon concept of “Build for life” is about creating environments that move with the way we live now and change for the way we will live tomorrow, while maintaining respect for the rich cultural history that represents where we’ve come from.

Nicole is a founding member of the USGBC Chihuahuan Desert Chapter, an Eco El Paso Founding Board Member, and a member of the Congress for New Urbanism. Through her work with these organizations, Nicole has established herself as a community leader working to raise the bar for design and provoke a new conversation among civic leaders, industry professionals, and the community at large.

Most recently, Nicole acted as spearhead for the GRO El Paso Initiative focused on building grassroots resilience at a regional scale, with emphasis on issues ranging from climate instability, resource conservation, and crisis management, to urban development and social justice.

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