Huangshi’s resilience journey

Huangshi is both industrially robust and ecologically rich. The city’s mining industry dates back over 3,000 years, yet Huangshi is also a garden city with graceful hills and beautiful lakes.

Like many cities around the world, Huangshi faces rapid development in combination with other challenges brought about by climate change, natural disasters, globalization, and urbanization.

Huangshi seeks to integrate its industrial and ecological heritage. The city took the opportunity to work with 100RC to develop a strategy toward creating a vibrant and innovative city, by following a new green growth and sustainable development path. Huangshi wants to become one of the most dynamic and attractive cities in Hebei Province, and in the wider Yangtze River Economic Zone.

Increased resilience can enable Huangshi to be many things: an advanced manufacturing city, a modern port, a historical and cultural center, and a city of mountains and rivers.

Impact stories