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Los Angeles’s resilience journey

Los Angeles is one of the most complex megacities of the world, with a population, geography, infrastructure, and economy comparable to those of states and nations. While the city limits cover 469 square miles, Greater Los Angeles is 10 times that size – a region of individual neighborhoods that comprise many different languages, cultures, and ethnicities.

The city’s central question is how a city of LA’s size and scope can truly be sustainable and resilient in a changing and increasingly globalized world, particularly in the face of water shortages and seismic challenges.

Meet the Chief Resilience Officer

Aaron Gross

Chief Resilience Officer

With over 20 years’ service to the City of LA, Aaron is LA’s Chief Resilience Officer. In that role, he implements Resilient LA, the city’s robust Resilience Strategy, by working with city government departments, and with local and regional stakeholders.

Aaron recently served as Deputy Chief Sustainability Officer at the LA Department of Water and Power, aiming to make LA a more efficient and sustainable City. Prior to joining LADWP, he served as an International Trade Specialist and Port Liaison to Mayor Garcetti, and has also worked for three City Council members, the City Attorney, and the Port of LA in various capacities, from fieldwork, to legislative affairs, to land use planning.

Aaron holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from UC Santa Barbara, and master’s degrees in Non-Profit Management and Social Work from the University of Southern California.

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