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Foto: Jefferson Bernardes/PMPA


Porto Alegre’s resilience journey

Foto: Jefferson Bernardes/PMPA

Residents of the Brazilian city Porto Alegre enjoy a high quality of life, but unprecedented population growth has led to urban challenges. Large residential buildings now occupy former conservation areas, housing has sprung up in areas where floods and landslides are common, and there has been explosive growth in the number of cars. Porto Alegre has established a working group of universities, government officials, and residents to build an urban resilience plan that diagnoses risk areas, and which better educates and alerts residents.

Meet the Chief Resilience Officer

Cassio Trogildo

Chief resilience officer

Cassio Trogildo is the municipal secretary of Local Governance and Political Coordination of Porto Alegre. He is responsible for the institutional governance of the city hall.

The Secretary’s duties are to plan, coordinate, articulate, and control internal and external policies; formulate institutional governance policies; support the municipal mayor in the institutional relationship; and manage the processes linked to the annual cycle of Participatory Budget and other forms of local participatory democracy and the relationship with the Municipal Councils and local governance, through the identification of society’s demands, and to develop, implement, and supervise local and territorial projects, through the service channels, bringing the city hall closer to the neighborhoods.

Trogildo is graduated in Administration, with emphasis on Public Management from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS). He was councillor for two mandates (2013-2020), and President of City Council (2016-2017). He was also the Municipal Secretary of Public Works and Traffic (2010-2012). Throughout his career, he has always associated technical knowledge and political experience, reconciling management and initiatives built with communities, through Participatory Budgeting (OP) and neighborhood associations, promoting governance actions, prioritizing resilience and sustainability, in the quest to improve peoples’ lives.

While councillor, Cassio Trogildo was the author of Law No. 12.629, which instituted the Cezar Busatto Resilience Plan in the Municipality of Porto Alegre on november 11, 2019.

The goal of the plan is to promote the capacity of preparation of Porto Alegre to face problems, minimize and overcome the impacts. Now, as the holder of the Municipal Secretariat of Local Governance and Political Coordination, he works to meet the goals set by the plan.

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