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San Francisco’s resilience journey

San Francisco is a worldwide tourist destination and a major technology hub for biotechnology and e-commerce, houses 30 of the world’s largest financial institutions – and has a history of devastating earthquakes and fires.

San Francisco has a notably diverse population, and is also a vital link for air, sea, and ground transportation. The city’s innovative use of financing and building codes has dramatically improved building safety, and its use of social media to educate and motivate the public has influenced residents to take important steps in advancing their personal resilience.

Meet the Chief Resilience Officer

Brian Strong

Chief Resilience Officer and Director of Office of Resilience and Capital Planning

Brian Strong is responsible for San Francisco’s Resilient SF strategy, 10-year Capital Plan, and annual Capital Budget. He created the City’s first multi-year capital plan in 2006, and has been instrumental in the development and passage of $3.5 billion in GO bonds to improve San Francisco’s infrastructure. Brian has implemented a number of innovative resilience programs to protect San Francisco’s infrastructure, including the creation of a Capital Planning Fund to support early project development (the Earthquake Safety and Emergency Response bond program), Sea Level Rise Guidelines, and building-by-building HAZUS seismic assessments.

Under Brian’s leadership, the Capital Planning Program received the 2011 Good Government Team Award from the Mayor’s Fiscal Advisory Committee and the San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association. Brian also serves as President of the Board for the San Francisco Community Investment Fund, which distributes new market tax credits to promote economic development in disadvantaged communities.

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