During the Climate Adaptation Summit 2021 (CAS 2021), the mayor of Rotterdam Ahmed Aboutaleb will present the 10-year global program ‘1000 Cities Adapt Now’ to accelerate and scale adaptation measures in cities. On behalf of global cities and a new coalition of partners, he will present the Joint Statement on Accelerating Climate Adaptation in Cities, to world leaders including the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the 8th and current Secretary-General of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon and António Guterres, and the Prime Ministers of India, France and the Netherlands, Emmanuel Macron, Narendra Modi and Mark Rutte. You can be part of this event the 25th of January, the summit registration is open: www.cas2021.com


(Singapore, January 22, 2021) – “R-Cities is committed to help cities secure their future through Adapt Now,” said Lauren Sorkin, Executive Director Resilient Cities Network. “Arm in arm with city members we are accelerating change on the ground across five regions. Through this coalition we will leverage this experience to protect thousands of vulnerable communities from the interrelated challenges of climate change, disease and economic inequality. We have the solutions, it’s time to get them into the best hands for action.”

‘1000 Cities Adapt Now’ 

The ‘1000 Cities Adapt Now’ (1000CAN) is initiated by a new coalition between Global Center on Adaptation, World Resources Institute, Resilient Cities Network and UN-Habitat. They join forces to speed up climate change adaptation within cities and scale up to 1000 cities the coming decade. It consists of a comprehensive offer focusing on key impact solutions such as urban water resilience and nature-based solutions, transformative capacity building in cities and peer to peer learning between cities. 1000CAN is a global program that also supports a green and just post-COVID-19 recovery — a recovery that helps create new jobs, improve equity and prepare communities to adapt to climate and health threats. The coalition network partners seek commitment of other mayors to strengthen the role of cities in improving our environment, climate and society at CAS 2021, in the leadup to COP26, and beyond.

Mayors Forum at CAS 2021

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on cities and communities is enormous. But as city leaders address the virus and the economic fallout, they also have a responsibility to prepare for the future. At the CAS 2021 on 25th of January, the Mayors Forum will focus on the need for climate action and more concrete adaptation in cities. The Forum will be opened by the 8th Secretary-General of the United Nations and Chair of the GCA, Ban Ki-moon. It will showcase the challenges and solutions cities face, with mayors of Miami, Paris, Accra, Christchurch, Milan, Jakarta, Surat, Beira, Antwerp, Greater Manchester, Tirana, Athens, Khulna, Istanbul, and Rotterdam.

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CAS 2021

Hosted by the Netherlands, CAS 2021 is the first global summit of world leaders dedicated to accelerating action for a climate resilient recovery from Covid-19. Following the work of the Global Commission on Adaptation, chaired by Ban Ki-moon, 8th Secretary General of the United Nations, Bill Gates, Co-founder of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Kristalina Georgieva, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, CAS 2021 will launch a comprehensive Adaptation Action Agenda to kick start a transformational decade, towards COP 26 and onwards. 

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Click here for details on Joint Statement on Accelerating Climate Adaptation in Cities

About Resilient Cities Network (R-Cities) 

Resilient Cities Network is a global city-led non-profit organization that brings together knowledge, practice, partnerships, and funding to empower cities to help them build a safe, equitable, and sustainable future for all. The Network integrates the combined effort of urban practitioners, city governments, and communities in a collective, comprehensive, and well-coordinated call-to-action to deliver urban, impact-driven resilience solutions. 

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