Cities on the Frontline Speaker Series

Cities on the Frontline

Cities on the Frontline is a virtual thought leadership speaker series, featuring solutions by cities, for cities. It began in 2020 through a partnership between the Resilient Cities Network and the World Bank Group’s City Resilience Program. The series provides city practitioners and the industries and residents that they support, with a platform for knowledge exchange. Each carefully curated session provides the audience with knowledge and discussion that can help them to respond to intensifying and cascading challenges including those arising from climate change, social unrest and the Covid-19 pandemic while providing solutions for planning a more resilient future.

Upcoming Sessions:

  • CFL GLOBAL: Place-Based SMEs for Urban Resilience, Thursday October 13, 2022 (09.00 AM EST – 03.00 PM CET – 9.00 PM SIN/KUL)-Register here
  • CFL LAC: Alzando la Voz en las ciudades de la Región: América Latina y el Caribe resiliente hacia la COP27, Jueves 06 de octubre 2022 (12.00 pm CDMX-1.00 pm EDT-2.00 pm Buenos Aires) – Link de registro por confirmar

Resilient Recovery Community:

Our Resilient Recovery Community of Practice is a web-based resource that has emerged from the urgent and ongoing practice exchange between our global network of CROs and other urban experts. This pages includes content unearthed by this Cities on the Frontline Speaker Series and reflects the three main themes of: A people-centred recovery, a risk-aware recovery, and a system-enabled recovery.

CFL Global

The Global Cities on the Frontline Speaker Series, began in March 2020 in response to the unfolding of the pandemic and its devastating effects around the world. Each session, as a result, was driven by audience demand and oriented to equip city practitioners with best practices for responding as expeditiously as possible –to save lives.

Since its inception, the speaker series has hosted sessions at least once per month, covering various topics from refugees to water, from schools to leadership, and from housing to food systems. Opening sessions featured on the ground stories from Huangshi in China’s south-eastern Hubei province and Milan, Italy –related to response to the rapid spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Currently, the series aims at broadening its approach beyond the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and onto providing spaces of knowledge exchange around the most relevant and pressing challenges our cities are facing today.


CFL Latinoamérica

Construyendo sobre los conversatorios de liderazgo intelectual “Cities on the Frontline”, el Banco Mundial y la Red de Ciudades Resilientes con el apoyo de CEMEX desarrollará una serie de seminarios virtuales en español y portugués, “Cities on the Frontline -Latinoamérica”.

El contenido curado cubrirá las respuestas a los desafíos más relevantes de la región, así como soluciones para la planificación más resiliente diseñadas específicamente para una audiencia con presencia en América Latina y el Caribe. El objetivo de esta nueva serie es brindar un espacio dinámico y accesible para que los profesionales que trabajan en la región compartan los conocimientos y experiencias adquiridos en beneficio de millones de habitantes tanto dentro y fuera de la Latinoamérica.


Recent Sessions:

Cities on the Frontline: Serie de Conversatorios #2

Serie de Conversatorios #2 – El Futuro Del Empleo

Nuevos cambios impulsados por los avances tecnológicos, las transformaciones estructurales, los cambios demográficos, la globalización, la pandemia y el cambio climático reconfiguran rápidamente el mundo del empleo. El futuro del empleo presenta innumerables oportunidades para revertir los déficits de trabajo digno a largo plazo, pero también presenta serios desafíos que…
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Speaker Series # 8 – Urban Heat: Cities Taking Action

Cities are heating up at twice the rate of global average warming due to the urban heat island effect and rapid urbanization. With more cities facing record high temperatures and heatwaves increasing in number, it is important that we set an agenda to take collective action now making sure to…
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Cities on the Frontline Speaker Series