Cities on the Frontline Speaker Series

Cities on the Frontline is an ongoing speaker series co-organized by the Resilient Cities Network and The World Bank Group’s City Resilience Program from March 2020.

The purpose of the series is to share knowledge to help cities respond to the pandemic crisis and to plan towards recovery with resilience. It is a platform for open and honest learning conversations between practitioners in cities and governments, and partners supporting them. The series brings together different experts and city practitioners to discuss specific topics and share tangible examples. Over 5,500 participants from around the world have attended the series, with a significant portion of the attendees being from city governments.

Upcoming Sessions:

  • Catalyzing investment in resilient infrastructure and beyond-Chair’s Agenda, Thursday April 21 2022 (08.00AM EST, 02.00PM CET, 09.00PM SIN/KUL) -Coming Soon
  • Aligning Infrastructure for Resilience – Thursday, 05 May 2022 (08.00AM EST, 02.00PM CET, 09.00PM SIN/KUL) -Coming Soon

Resilient Recovery Community:

Our Resilient Recovery Community of Practice is a web-based resource that has emerged from the urgent and ongoing practice exchange between our global network of CROs and other urban experts. This pages includes content unearthed by this Cities on the Frontline Speaker Series and reflects the three main themes of: A people-centred recovery, a risk-aware recovery, and a system-enabled recovery.


Previous Sessions:

Speaker Series #5 – Aligning Infrastructure for Resilience

Infrastructure increasingly plays a complex role in supporting resilience; however, there is a multitude of organizations that control critical infrastructure in cities. In addition, there is often a lack of collaboration across national, state, and local organizations that limits our understanding and ability to address and mitigate risks. This emphasizes…
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Speaker Series #4 – Resilient Health Systems

Two years after the start of the pandemic, the virus is not yet considered endemic, but communities across the world have had to address health system crisis, gaps and innovations to be able to live with the virus circulating, as well as other healthcare related challenges. In this fourth Cities…
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Speaker Series #1 – Aligning Stakeholder Priorities in Urban Resilience

Funding, including the need to mobilize various sources of investment capital, plays an important role in supporting cities to address their resilient development challenges. The first Cities on the Frontline session of 2022, focused on the importance of “Aligning Stakeholder Priorities in Urban Resilience” with important sharings about the role…
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Speaker Series #19 – Migration and Resilience, the MOVE book

Historically, migration has been an intrinsic part of how humans navigate the world, however, skewed perceptions and misinformation have shed a negative light on the topic resulting in abrasive migration policies around the world. While migration may present certain challenges, it has also proven to be, not only important to…
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Speaker Series #18 – SMEs and Urban Resilience

This 18th session of Cities on the Frontline focused on the importance of supporting SMEs for a city’s economy and how cities can collaborate with their local SMEs for a resilient and equitable recovery in the context of the partnership with Citi on the Catalyzing City Resilience Solutions program (CCRS).
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Cities on the Frontline Speaker Series