Resilient Cities Action Package (ReCAP 21)

Resilient Cities Action Package (ReCAP 21) 


Resilient Cities Action Package 21

Around the world, cities are fighting the Covid-19 pandemic against a backdrop of multiple shocks, stresses, and emerging vulnerabilities, while striving to put equity, economy, and climate action at the center of their recovery approaches. In the midst of the greatest global economic downturn in nearly a century, progress on sustainable development needs to be regalvanized. Now is the moment for national and local governments to build back stronger, fairer, and greener than before.

The Resilient Cities Network is joining forces with implementing partners to design common frameworks and approaches for resilient recovery that can help address the vulnerabilities exposed by this crisis and the ones still to come.


This program aims to:

  • increase the capacity of selected cities in Rwanda, Bangladesh, and Mauritania for combatting pandemics;
  • identify priority urban green recovery action packages cross-sectorally;
  • plan for the implementation of small-scale measure;
  • develop long-term resilience plans; and
  • generate a global knowledge exchange on resilient urban recovery.

Implementing Partners

The ReCAP-21 is jointly implemented by:

This program is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).


Guide on Connecting Green Recovery and Resilience in Cities

The Guide on Connecting Green Recovery and Resilience in Cities – Resilient Cities Action Package 2021 (ReCAP-21) outlines three key entry points for local governments to move towards an urban transformation and a resilient recovery process, which is also green in nature. Together, these entry points provide local governments with the practical support to identify comprehensive solutions that range from finance and physical interventions to cultural practices and governance arrangements that may contribute to achieving more resilient societies.

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Resilient Cities Action Package (ReCAP 21)