Resilient Cities Shaping a Digital World

Resilient Cities Shaping a Digital World


A path toward resilient digital cities

Digital inclusion has gained relevance as an enabler of resilience in the recent years, due to its potential to integrate, amplify, and innovate diverse public and social services that are key to cities’ well-being.

Digitalization has taken an even greater leap forward due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as people have started changing the way they access services, interact, and navigate spaces.

Through this joint program, Resilient Cities Shaping a Digital World, Visa and the Resilient Cities Network collaborate with key stakeholders to support cities in Latin America and the Caribbean in solving key challenges and identifying opportunities for digital inclusion to become more resilient.

Three facts


By 2050, 90% of Latin Americans will live in cities.


Smartphone adoption is expected to reach 80% of total connections in 2025.


The total potential benefit from digital payments in 100 cities at varying stages of digital maturity is $470B per year.

Program overview

Who can apply to participate?

All 17 of the Latin American and Caribbean cities that are members of the Resilient Cities Network are invited to apply.

What is the selection process?

The interested members will submit proposals for specific challenges they would like to address in their cities.

A board of experts will review the proposals and select three, which will move forward to the first iteration of the program.

What happens with the selected proposals?

Teams from the cities whose proposals have been selected will work with a group of experts to find appropriate strategies for their specific challenges and co-develop innovative solutions.

The cities will then bring these ideas to life: testing, enhancing, and implementing their final digitalization strategies, taking important steps toward making their cities more resilient and inclusive.

The selected cities will test, enhance and implement their final digitalization strategies, taking steps towards making their cities more resilient and inclusive.

Components of the program

1.0 Understand

Executive summary and concept paper “Resilient Cities Shaping a Digital World”

View executive summary
View concept paper (English version)
View concept paper (Portuguese version)

2.0 Solve

The Resilient Cities Shaping a Digital World program offers support, through a collaborative and innovative process, to address one resilient digitalization challenge in each of the three selected cities.

3.0 Scale

We will amplify the program’s impact by sharing the acquired knowledge through a Playbook and an Annual Forum in 2021.


Resilient Cities Shaping a Digital World