Resilient Energy and Mobility Transition Program

Resilient Energy and Mobility Transition Program


Resilient Energy and Mobility Transition Program

Cities have a central role to play in driving the energy transition and contributing to the global effort to tackle climate change. There is an incredible opportunity for the public and private sectors to collaborate to navigate the energy transition in an effective, efficient manner that delivers results.

The Resilient Cities Network and Shell City Solutions are collaborating to support cities around the world in managing resilient energy and mobility transition. R-Cities and Shell will form collaborative platforms to allow for the exchange of technical assistance, energy and mobility expertise, and global city best practices to develop transition plans and accelerate investment in at least three cities across North America and Europe.

Teams from selected cities will work with a group of experts to identify appropriate strategies for their city specific challenges and co-develop innovative solutions. R-Cities will guide selected cities through the project preparation phase to help choose and prepare projects for implementation to address the energy transition and realize co-benefits necessary to build overall city resilience. With further support from Shell, the cities will then bring these ideas to life: testing, enhancing, and scaling up these projects to accelerate their energy transition strategies toward making their cities more resilient and inclusive. 

Press Release announcing Resilient Energy and Mobility Transition Program

Mayor Sylvester Turner
City of Houston, Chairman, R-Cities Board

“In Houston, we trust Shell’s commitments to support cities navigating the energy transition. Shell is a company that takes its role in our shared future very seriously.” The Mayor of Houston went on to say, “Since 2018, Shell has invested in building Houston’s long-term resilience, having underwritten Resilient Houston, our long-term strategy to, among other things, mitigate flooding risk and improve our city’s climate readiness. As Chair of the Resilient Cities Network Board, I’m pleased to see this partnership advanced. R-Cities’ work is essential to delivering the safe, equitable, sustainable future that all people worldwide deserve. The commitment of energy providers to this mission will have accelerating effects.” 

Headshot of Lauren Sorkin, Executive Director at Resilient Cities Network.

Lauren Sorkin
Executive Director, Resilient Cities Network

“We are at a moment where traditional energy resource companies are under intense scrutiny to change. Over time these companies have benefited tremendously in their efforts to meet the ever-increasing global demands put forward in economies around the world. We all know it is now time to invest, together, in a more sustainable future. At the Resilient Cities Network we are pleased to be partnering with Shell, a company that is at the forefront of this nexus of transition in traditional supply and demand. Cities offer the greatest opportunity for addressing the challenges ahead. Cities concentrate risk, as well as help catapult innovation two factors necessary for crafting the solutions to the climate and energy crises on the horizon.”

Emily Tan
General Manager, Shell City Solutions

“Cities are the beating heart of business, commerce, trade and society. As cities grow, the need to make cities more resilient while navigating the energy transition becomes increasingly important. Shell City Solutions is pleased to partner the Resilient Cities Network, which has a wealth of experience and research to improve resilience in cities. Together we are proud to launch the Resilient Energy and Mobility Transition Programme, which provides a collaborative platform to accelerate cities transitioning towards decarbonisation and resilience. Every city is unique, and it is through collaboration that we can innovate and deliver integrated solutions to make cities sustainable for the future.” 

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Resilient Energy and Mobility Transition Program