Resilience and the Private Sector in Latin America and the Caribbean

Our multi-city program that supports cities with their building urban resilience plans.

Entrepreneurship plays a critical role in regional economies and can contribute to urban resilience. The Resilience and the Private Sector in Latin America and the Caribbean program supports entrepreneurs to accelerate innovative business models that contribute to the city resilience strategy.  This program is implemented by Fundacion Avina, Resilient Cities Network and IDB Lab; and supported by Citi Foundation.

The Challenge

Building resilience requires the participation of all urban stakeholders and the private sector has a crucial role. According to the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction, 70% to 80% of overall urban investment is made by the private sector in most economies. Cities’ resilience strategies can leverage the innovation and entrepreneurship capacities of the private ecosystem.

Program Objective

To advance urban resilience in Latin America and the Caribbean through the participation of the private sector in the development and implementation of resilience plans, leveraging entrepreneurship and unlocking the innovation potential of urban stakeholders.

Program Approach

  1. Strengthen the urban private sector ecosystem and its link to urban resilience.
  2. Promote solutions to pressing urban resilience challenges by accelerating entrepreneurship and innovative business models.
  3. Build a community of learning and practice to share knowledge and facilitate exchange between regional and international stakeholders.

Participating Cities

Action Cities

Buenos Aires




Mexico City




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