Resilient Cities Network strengthens ties to Korea, adding new Leadership and renewing Commitments to Collaboration

Written by Resilient Cities Network
Thursday, 23 September 2021


(SINGAPORE, September 23, 2021) 

Resilient Cities Network is pleased to announce a strengthening of the network’s ties to the City of Seoul and sustainability finance expert, Mr. Kyungsun Chung, ahead of next week’s International Urban Resilience Forum Seoul 2021. Building on a more than five-years partnership, since 2016 when the City of Seoul officially joined the then Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities, the Resilient Cities Network’s announcements today come at an important juncture in City efforts to advance a resilient economic recovery while combatting the ongoing global pandemic.    

“Resilient Cities Network welcomes Mr. Kyungsun Chung to our global board of directors today,” said Lauren Sorkin, Executive Director, Resilient Cities Network. “Mr. Chung brings an important perspective on social resilience and the future of work to our leadership ranks. His pioneering work in strategic philanthropy, impact investment, and sustainability finance will be an incredible asset to the Network as we chart the future of the organization.”  

This announcement comes alongside Mayor Oh Se-hoon, confirming the City of Seoul’s membership in the Resilient Cities Network. Seoul understands the value of engaging with peer cities around the world coping with similar challenges, all looking to apply solutions that work. Since the release of Resilient Seoul: A Strategy for Urban Resilience in 2019, the City has been focused on advancing resilience through greater collaboration and stronger, more connected communities. The City has prioritized data for decision-making, increasing public access to data information, as well as integrating city administrative systems in an effort to drive a smart safe city.

“I want to congratulate my colleague Mayor Oh Se-hoon of Seoul on his City’s recommitment to the R-Cities Network,” said Mayor Sylvester Turner of the City of Houston and Chair of Resilient Cities Network Board. “The City of Seoul is future-focused and innovative, taking leadership on smart infrastructure that embraces AI-based surveillance, as well as smart welfare that looks after aging households using IoT. The City of Houston looks forward to our continued partnership with at the dedicated professionals at the Seoul Metropolitan Government. In addition, I’m pleased to welcome Kyungsun Chung to the R-Cities Board and look forward to working together to identify the means to address both emerging and ongoing urban challenges like the future of work and pandemic recovery.”

Lauren Sorkin, Executive Director, R-Cities, invited by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, will advance the dialogue with regard to these important partnerships during her participation in the annual Seoul International Urban Resilience Forum later this month. The Forum will bring together cities and experts from throughout Asia to exchange knowledge and experiences on the theme of “The New Normal: Building Resilience in the Post COVID-19 Era”. Ms. Sorkin will speak on the role of cities leveraging technological solutions, while prioritizing digital inclusion in order to effectively advance resilience.

“The Resilient Cities Network plays an incredibly important role in connecting and strengthening cities around the world,” said Kyungsun Chung. “I’m very pleased to serve as a member of the Board of Directors of this impactful organization. R-Cities is able to weave together specific solutions that deploy smart technology and build digital infrastructure to advance safer, more resilient communities. I am dedicated to working to further strengthen the capacity of the Network to build partnership ecosystems that protect the vulnerable and scale solutions across regions, cultures and sectors.”


Resilient Cities Network is a global city-led non-profit organization that brings together knowledge, practice, partnerships, and funding to empower cities to help them build a safe, equitable, and sustainable future for all. The Network integrates the combined effort of urban practitioners, city governments, and communities in a collective, comprehensive, and well-coordinated call-to-action to deliver urban impact-driven resilience solutions.


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