Resilient Recovery Framework

Today’s new normal requires models of governance that mitigate risk and respond to evolving challenges.

The Challenge

The Resilient Recovery Framework focuses on how to shape a more resilient, equitable and climate-friendly recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic in cities around the world.

We have seen that applying a resilient recovery lens allows stakeholders in cities to identify actions that promote multiple co-benefits to the urban environment, its systems and residents. This framework builds on the City Resilience Framework. It enables decision-makers to prioritize investments that support equitable, climate-friendly and resilient local economic development.

The framework is organized around four main dimensions that categorize a resilient recovery: equity-centered; risk-centered; systems-enabled; climate-focused.

Cities planning for recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic have the opportunity to prioritize investment initiatives and projects that can address a multitude of interconnected urban needs, and which balance human life, the natural and built environments.

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