Speaker Series 2024 #1 | Climate Resilience

Feb 2024

About the Session

The Speakers

In the first Cities on the Frontline session of 2024, we’re diving into how blue and green solutions can help cities build climate resilience, together with our partners at Orbia and Wavin.

The world is increasingly urban, and our cities, and particularly their vulnerable population, are challenged by the impacts of an ever-changing climate. With approximately 85% of climate risks being associated with water, water management is fast becoming a pressing issue in urban areas. Rain events have become more intense while the periods without rain are prolonging. Rainfall is increasingly causing flood risk and the lack of rain is causing water scarcity. Meanwhile, the changes to the water cycle and urban development patterns with increased impermeable surfaces are causing cities to heat up.

The climate challenges of heavy rain, drought and urban heat are strongly interrelated. Moreover, they are amplified by a growing urban population. The increasing demand for space for housing and infrastructure can easily conflict with making cities climate resilient. Green can help cool down cities, improve the way they manage fluctuating water events and make them more attractive and valued. However, without water, there is no green. Blue, green and hybrid solutions can and need to be incorporated in every urban development. Managing water sustainably at each development is key to creating a resilient city. To achieve this, cities need to couple a clear vision for climate resilience with practical on-the-ground investments, prioritizing effective water management that addresses vulnerabilities and optimizes resources. This will enable investments in suitable blue-green infrastructure capable of withstanding the compounding challenges of climate change, driving impactful interventions, and improving long-term planning.

This session will show best practices on how cities combine blue and green solutions to build a climate resilient future.

Thursday, February 22, 2024

10 am EST / 4 pm CET


Alejandra Maria Devecchi

Alejandra Maria Devecchi

Urban Planning Manager Ramboll, Rio de Janeiro

Lennart Berends

Lennart Berends

Climate Adaptation Senior Advisor City of Zwolle

Josué Díaz

Metropolitan Planning Director Metropolitan Institute of Planning (IMEPLAN), Guadalajara

Geertjo van Dijk (Co-host)

Global Product Manager,
Urban Climate Resilience Orbia Building & Infrastructure (Wavin)

Fitsum Gelaye

Fitsum Gelaye (Co-host)

Regional Engagement Coordinator, Africa & Programs Sr. Manager,
Resilient Cities Network

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