Speaker Series 2024 #4 | Unlocking Urban Resilience Through Public Financial Innovation

May 2024

About the Session

The Speakers

In a rapidly evolving world, urban centers face unprecedented challenges. From pandemics and climate change to social, economic, and technological shifts, the twenty-first century presents a landscape filled with both obstacles and opportunities.

Now more than ever, these challenges and the solutions they require are becoming more interconnected and interdependent. Cities that take a coordinated approach to digitalization and resilience building are better prepared to make progress at speed and scale, integrating them with their public finance needs, including tax collection services and government transfers to communities in need, among others while withstanding the concurrent urban challenges of today. Together with our partners at Visa, we’re bringing in experts from around the world to share their insights, experiences, and lessons learned as they advance in their path to close the digital divide, innovate on public finance, and build a more resilient and equitable future. 

Dr. Tanya Filer, CEO and Founder, StateUp

Phil McChesney, Assistant Chief Innovation Officer & Director, Consumer Protection Division, Broward County

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