Urban Ocean: Surat

Urban Ocean is helping Surat identify gaps in its solid waste management system towards advancing zero waste circular solutions in the city.
Mar 2024

Surat, situated on the western coast of India, rests on the banks of the Tapi river in the state of Gujarat. Recognized as a model city for waste management in India, the city collects and processes over 95% of the waste generated, with recycling gradually increasing in recent years (ICLEI, 2022). However, the city faces notable challenges in plastic waste management, as Gujarat was reported to have one of the highest rates of plastic waste generation in India, at 12% (Central Pollution Control Board, 2016).

Through the Urban Ocean program, Surat aims to identify gaps in its solid waste management system that contribute to leakage and leverage opportunities towards advancing zero waste circular solutions in the city.

Project Statement

Advancing Zero Waste Circular Solutions in the City of Surat incorporates various initiatives that will help initiate a transformation in Surat towards fostering a circular economy mind-set in the city and developing local practices and physical systems for the same.

The Project Statement outlines the city’s vision for the project and the impact it aims to achieve, highlighting the urgency of the issue and the importance of taking immediate action.

Read Surat’s Project Statement

Circularity Assessment Protocol (CAP) Report

Between September 2022 and January 2023, a team from The Centre for Environment Education (CEE), with guidance and support from the Circularity Informatics Lab, conducted fieldwork in the city of Surat, India. The CAP was conducted with support from the city’s local government, the Chief Resilience Officer, and the larger Urban Ocean team.

The CAP, developed by the Circularity Informatics Lab at the University of Georgia, is a standardized method of collecting community-level data on plastic usage to inform decision-makers. 

Read Surat’s CAP Report

Urban Ocean is a capacity-building and accelerator program to end ocean plastic pollution and build more resilient communities in cities. Urban Ocean champions circular economy principles, builds awareness of ocean plastic, assesses waste management systems and supports cities to develop projects that address the interrelated challenges of ocean plastics and resilience. Since 2020, the program has been implemented in cities across Asia and Latin America. The program is jointly implemented by Resilient Cities NetworkOcean Conservancy and The Circulate Initiative.

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