Urban Power

Our multi-city program that supports cities with enhancing their urban energy resilience


With support from the Rockefeller Foundation via the Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet and S&P Global Foundation, R-Cities has developed the Urban Power program to help cities enhance their urban energy resilience. Through Urban Power, R-Cities is building assessment and project development tools and working with cities to develop energy projects that help them achieve a green and just energy transition, reach their net-zero ambitions and deliver multiple resilience co-benefits.

The Challenge

With urban areas expected to grow by an estimated two billion residents by 2050, cities must act now to close gaps in energy access. With cities accounting for 70% of global emissions, ensuring access to clean and reliable power for urban residents is a vital component of helping cities and their residents become more resilient.

Around the world, over 55% of city-dwellers experience regular electricity outages or lack electricity altogether. Without access to electricity, these residents have limited access to health and municipal services, to education or employment opportunities and are forced to rely on highly emitting alternatives to meet their day-to-day fuel needs.

Program Objective

Many cities today lack the knowledge, data, tools and partnerships needed to identify, assess and develop projects that have the potential to reduce carbon emissions and ensure the resilience and equity of urban energy systems. We believe that helping cities enhance their capacity to respond to shocks and stresses while managing the shift to an inclusive, low-carbon economy will be a powerful driver in creating green jobs, promoting social justice, and eradicating poverty.

Program Approach

Urban Power relies on a three-pronged approach to help enhance urban energy resilience:

  1. Empowering cities through the PowerXChange series to encourage knowledge exchange and identify best practices in urban energy resilience.
  2. Implementing tools that can help cities apply a resilience and equity lens including the City Energy Resilience Framework and Resilient Infrastructure Diversity and Equity (RIDE) Scorecard.
  3. Mobilizing investment for energy resilience projects through phased programming with four of our network cities.

Participating Cities


Cape Town


Rio de Janeiro

In partnership with our four anchor cities across Latin America & the Caribbean and Africa we will design city-specific renewable energy solutions that can help enhance energy resilience across urban systems. The phased programming includes:

  • Data gathering and analysis to identify key challenges and opportunities in the urban energy systems;
  • Design Sprints with critical stakeholders to facilitate dialogue and expose bottlenecks to energy capacity and provision expansion; and
  • Renewable Energy Project Acceleration to develop projects identified in the Design Sprint phase and link projects with suitable Project Preparation Facilities to leverage the maximum funding potential for project financing.

We will be working with additional network cities to further develop and review programmatic tools and strengthen thematic knowledge.

For more info on Urban Power please contact info@resilientcitiesnetwork.org


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