#LAConversa: Let’s talk about urban resilience in LAC.

#LAConversa: Let’s Talk About Urban Resilience is a collaboration between LA Network and Resilient Cities Network created with the objective of starting conversations about the main problems that Latin American and Caribbean cities face today. These conversations took place with the participation of seven cities, Ciudad Juárez, Colima, Mexico City, Panama City, Medellín, Quito and Montevideo and one state authority from the State of Jalisco. 

The main protagonists of the conversations were Chief Resilience Officers of 12 cities, experts in urban resilience in charge of providing high-level guidance for government authorities, with the responsibility of leading, coordinating and developing strategy, policies and city resilience programs.

#LAConversa was a space for practitioners in the urban ecosystem of the region to receive first-hand knowledge and information from this group of referents and, enabling them to identify actions and potential synergies with local government measures in the various matters related to the coronavirus crisis.

This document compiles the main components of the different conversations and gives readers access to a collection of practical and current content to contribute to the resilient response and recovery process of Latin American cities.

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#LAConversa: Let’s talk about urban resilience in LAC.