Resilient Leadership: Learning From Crisis

Cover page of the Resilient Leadership Learning from Crisis report with an illustration representing people defending from Covid-19 pandemic.

The ‘Resilient Leadership: Learning from Crisis’ project originated in a shared belief amongst the project partners that it will take a novel type of leadership to create genuine resilience in the face of mounting crises – in cities, corporations or societies. We believe this form of leadership cannot be assumed – it must be learned and developed.

Some of the most important opportunities for learning come from failure and crisis. But there exists no tried and tested method of helping leaders learn and hone vital skills while confronting a live crisis.

Given the increasing uncertainty that the world faces as a result of climate change, globalisation, urbanisation and the rapidity of technology advancements, it is imperative to find new ways of learning in the face of these pressures.

This report includes key lessons learned and insights distilled over the course of the project’s 16-week run.


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Resilient Leadership: Learning From Crisis