Speaker Series #05 – Holistic Resilience in Action

Aug 2020

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Cities on the Frontline #05 – April 9, 2020

In the session, Miami and Oakland shared how each administration responding to the crisis in an integrated way, from looking at collaboration with philanthropy, protecting vulnerable groups to preparing overlapping risks from climate related shocks.

Leveraging Philanthropy and Building Community Resilience through the EOC (Emergency Operations Center)

Alexandria McBride, Chief Resilience Officer, City of Oakland

The Oakland COVID-19 relief fund gathered thanks to the Mayor, has raised 4.5 million dollars in three weeks. The fund is used for four priority areas which are food and homelessness, community health, education and economic security. The fund was also utilized to support two testing sites which targeted first responders and essential workers. A Community Advisory Group was created in order to ensure that most vulnerable residents were hear and can inform decision making.

Holistic Resilience

Amy Knowles, Chief Resilience Officer, City of Miami Beach

The biggest stresses for Miami Beach are sea level rise and climate change. Different initiatives and by leveraging preexisting strengths, Miami Beach focuses to support vulnerable groups. Miami Beach also deploy agile public safety approach with their police and fire response. The city also provided support for the significant hospitality industry and employee.

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