Speaker Series #07 – Learning from Singapore

Aug 2020

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Cities on the Frontline #07 – April 23, 2020

Singapore: Strategies, Successes and Struggles

Dr. Jeremy Lim, Co-Director of Global Health at the National University of Singapore (NUS) Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health

Singapore first approach was by keeping life as “normal” as possible but with essential social distancing measures. Singapore managed to navigate the first wave and was praised internationally. However, outbreak occurred in the foreign worker dormitories which further revealed poor situation of the dormitories. Government responded with active testing, and improving densitiy of the worker dormitories. The situation also triggered the “circuit breaker” period to break the transmission.

The struggle against COVID 19 is a collective societal effort; SARS provided some relevant experience, but a multi-pronged approach balancing public health interventions with economic rescue packages and societal functioning is necessary. Creativity is needed to solve problems as they arise. COVID-19 is a ‘new war’ and new solutions are being discovered in real-time by experience and learning from others.

Responding to COVID-19 as a City of Good

Melissa Kwee, CEO, National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre/City of Good Campaign

This crisis is revealing the fissures and fractures in society. It is, therefore, a time to recognize this, shift, and reimagine the future we want to see and live. During the crisis, community has been responding in various different ways to help each other, from kids sending handwritten messages to healthcare staff to increased donation to the Giving Platform, after government announced the $600 subsidy from the Solidarity Budget. Here lies the chance for us to set a new and better normal, a space to reimagine a possible future and actually make it happen.

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