Speaker Series #11 – Pandemic Resilient Cities

Aug 2020

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Cities on the Frontline #11 – May 21, 2020

As governments around the world are gradually lifting some of the coronavirus restrictions, cities need to take the lead in exploring how to sustain economic and social activity while reducing human contact and keeping their citizens safe. With their concentrations of people and human contact, cities will remain in the centre of the storm and should be actively planning for what lies ahead both in the next three months and in the next three years.

21st Century Pandemic Urban Resilience

Robert Muir-Wood & Daniel Stander, Risk Management Solutions (RMS)

RMS brings in the modelling perspective to questions of urban resilience around pandemics. It’s important to understand progression of COVID-19 infection with the capture of reproductive number. And more aspects need to be addressed in the future pandemic risk management, including developing capabilities to reduce the risk and reduce consequences of future pandemics.

Data driven informed decision making during COVID-19 response

Mahesh Harhare, Chief Resilience Officer, City of Pune, India

Cities need to strengthen public health system, and think on decentralised planning. Further digitalisation and advanced use of technology are critical. And cities need to collaborate with NGOs, researchers and partners for sharing data.

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