Speaker Series #26 – Aging Cities

Sep 2020

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Cities on the Frontline Speaker Series

#26 – Aging Cities – September 10, 2020


Yuko Arai, Urban Specialist at the World Bank’s Urban, Disaster Risk Management, Resilience, and Land Global Practice
Hiroyuki Fujita, Chief Resilience Officer, City of Kyoto, Japan
Dr. Joseph Runzo-Inada PhD, Chief Resilience Officer & Head of Strategic Planning, City of Toyama, Japan

Although urban density is seen as one of the culprits behind the spread of Covid-19, for the first time in history, the world had more people aged over 65 than under five years old in 2018. The aging population is a testament of improvement of global health, resulting in longer life expectancy, combined with a lower fertility rate. A rapidly aging population goes along with its own economic and social challenges and cities will need to adapt. Were cities built with the elderly population in mind? Are cities prepared to address this demographic shift?

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