Bangkok’s resilience journey

In addition to a bustling tourism industry, Thailand’s capital city is home to 10 million residents within 1,500 square km. Rapid growth and industrial success have made Bangkok a magnet for migration from across Thailand and beyond. Millions of people flock to “the city of angels” in search of opportunity amid the concentration of economic growth and prosperity, and Bangkok’s population has increased more in the last decade than the preceding three decades combined. This growth has brought myriad economic, environmental, and social challenges alongside new opportunities.

With more people than ever before living in and engaging with the city, it is a critical time to look ahead and make a plan for a better, more resilient Bangkok – a city that is safe, livable, and sustainable for all. In developing a Resilience Strategy for Bangkok, we asked: How can we make Bangkok a vibrant city of opportunity for everyone, rather than a select few? How can we create space for collaboration and communities, rather than division and exclusion? How can we work together to embrace the opportunities and benefits of living with water, rather than battling to keep water out?

Meet the Chief Resilience Officer

Supachai Tantikom

Advisor to the Governor of Bangkok

Dr. Supachai Tantikom brings over 20 years’ experience, with design expertise in the fields of structures, foundations, drainage, and civil work. Supachai has been involved in over 100 projects, including low-rise buildings, high-rise buildings, and civil engineering projects such as cable-stayed bridges and drainage tunneling. He was honored when the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration accepted his proposal for drainage tunneling.

Supachai comes to the CRO role from his position as an advisor to the Governor of Bangkok. In this capacity he is in charge of infrastructure developments and environment issues. He is frequently assigned as a representative of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration at international conferences and meetings on climate change, sustainability development, green growth, the future city, and urban resilience.

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