Wellington’s resilience journey

Located on a bustling harbor, Wellington has been labeled one of the best cities in the world to live in or to visit. As New Zealand’s capital, the city relies heavily on government and professional services. But its position on a major fault line means that some companies and government agencies are reluctant to establish or maintain local offices in the city. Wellington must be ready to protect residents and restore services quickly in the event of an earthquake.

In addition to the threat of seismic activity, Wellington also faces the risk of flooding. The city has been proactive in implementing flood management plans that take a long-term, broad-scope approach involving the community and other stakeholders. To address its aging infrastructure, Wellington has also developed information systems and analytics to ensure that limited resources are directed to meeting the city’s highest priorities.

Meet the Chief Resilience Officer

Mike Mendonça

Acting Chief Infrastructure Officer

Mike Mendonça is the Acting Chief Infrastructure Officer at Wellington City Council, responsible for Transport and Infrastructure, Resilience, Property Services, and Strategic Asset Management.

Mike was Wellington’s first CRO. He brings a broad range of experience to the role, with an MBA and a Diploma in Humanities from Massey University, and a background in the New Zealand Army, and local and national government.

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