It’s been a decade since the resilience

movement started right here, with

Chief Resilience Officers and this

network of cities blazing the trail.

It’s been a decade since the resilience movement started right here, with Chief Resilience Officers and this network of cities blazing the trail.

Our community has come a long way.




The journeys of Chief Resilience Officers are a diverse and inspiring collection of stories of commitment, adaptability and action.

Each resilience journal is an immersive experience to step into the lives of those who walk the path of resilience.

The Chief Resilience Officer Profile

Every CRO has a different resilience journey, just like cities. Their strategies, responsibilities, and approaches are shaped by their urban contexts. Each Chief Resilience Officer steers in a different way, adapting with agility and driving action. Within this diversity, we can identify five common types of CROS:

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The Ambassador

As a Chief Resilience Officer, you strive to secure strong engagement across sectors, levels of government and the international urban community Your method? networking! You engage within the local government to ensure that resilience leads the implementation across all departments. As an ambassador, you stand out for your ability to inspire and rally everyone around the vision of a resilient city. Your diplomatic skills and impact-focused mindset are instrumental in steering the city toward a sustainable and equitable future.

The Strategist

As a Chief Resilience Officer, you ensure the city is prepared for anything and that the whole of the community is resilient to risks and empowered to thrive. Your approach? connecting the dots. You emphasize long-term strategic planning and cross-cutting actions. As a strategist, your mind is in the future, and your hands are present. Your whole society and systems-thinking approaches enable you to integrate resilience across various sectors, ensuring that the city can withstand and thrive in the face of uncertainty.

The Implementor

As a Chief Resilience Officer, you strive to embed resilience principles into the city's projects. Your mantra? Agile and just! You have an eye for detail and the drive for implementation. As an implementer, you create links between stakeholders to scale up and advance the city's resilience projects. Your ability to see the bigger picture helps guide, implement, and carefully monitor the progress of the resilience strategy in the city.

The Innovator

As a Chief Resilience Officer, you are on a constant quest for new knowledge and solutions to enhance resilience. Your philosophy? New is undiscovered. You enjoy pioneering new approaches and seeking out new developments. As an innovator, you possess curiosity and a proactive attitude towards the unknown. Your forward-thinking leadership champions change and inspires a culture of continuous improvement, preparedness, and adaptation.

The Collaborator

As a Chief Resilience Officer, you forge partnerships across government, businesses, non-profits, and communities, seeking to pool resources and facilitate knowledge exchange to bolster city resilience. Your conviction? In diversity lies strength. You recognize that resilience is not built in isolation but through a collective effort. As a collaborator, open communication comes easily. With a network of allies, you leverage the diverse strengths and perspectives within the city to develop inclusive, sustainable solutions.

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