Córdoba, Argentina


The city of Córdoba, located in northern Argentina, has a population of almost one and a half million people.

The City Plan of Cordoba includes the following axes:

1. Modern and innovative city

2. City that provides quality services

3. Attractive and planned city

4. Sustainable city

5. City of opportunities and inclusive     

To achieve the objectives of the Sustainable City axis, the Plan recognizes the importance of the efficient use of resources, multi-stakeholder collaboration for environmental promotion, the strengthening of resilience and citizen eco-efficiency. For the city of Cordoba, the concept of resilience implies the ability to plan to adapt to changes that affect the development and well-being of its population and the continuity of this measures. A city prepared to face changes and with the necessary measures to overcome the crises to learn and prevent their recurrence.

Resilient Cordoba is articulated and coherent with the development strategy of the city for 2030, aligned with the global commitments, such as the Sustainable Development Goals and the New Urban Agenda.

Resilient Cordoba Challenge

In August 2020, Avina Foundation, IDB Lab, Resilient Cities Network, Corlab (Direction of the Municipality of Cordoba) and Citi Foundation launched the Resilient Cordoba Challenge.

The challenge aimed to promote initiatives that strengthen the resilience of the city by addressing social, physical and economic challenges, prioritizing environmental impacts and social tensions.

The Challenge supported pilot projects or technological and sustainable enterprises, with the potential to generate income, with triple impact solutions on circular economy and social economy.

The Challenge is part of the Regional Initiative for Resilient Cities, that aims to improve urban resilience in Latin America and the Caribbean with the participation of the private sector.

The selected initiatives received up to $1,125,000 ARS (Argentine pesos) in seed capital, as well as mentoring and support from associated entities for 8 months to help strengthen the operational and financial structure of the entrepreneurships.

The Cordoba Challenge was oriented to circular and social economy for its contributions to reactivation and the transition towards a systemic change for resilience. It also creates commercial opportunities and provides environmental and social benefits. From these topics, the Challenge seeks to generate a positive impact and contribute to promoting resilience in the city of Cordoba.


Applications received in the Resilient Cordoba Challenge in the 2 categories: circular economy and social economy.


Projects selected to participate in the workshop to strengthen the conceptual proposal of their initiative.


Selected initiatives for seed capital and mentoring from private sector experts to boost the initiatives.

Meet the winner initiatives

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